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 Robin & Leah        

Robin and Leah
What is a charmed divorce?
A charmed divorce is about having the correct mindset. The journey of divorce is long. It helps to have a friend on that journey. We wrote charmed divorce so you will have a companion while you are on your new adventure. Divorce doesn't have to be devastating!
It's time to put a positive spin on the D-Word.
It's the Charmed way!
Who are we....


I am a mother of two young boys who I adore. I seek to inspire my children to enjoy life and strive to live in the moment. To live one day at a time. It is also these thoughts that have helped guide me through the tough times in divorce.


I felt there must be a reason that I am going through this difficult time. As a person who believes everything happens for a reason, and maybe the reason I am going through this situation is to share with others.  It is these thoughts that brought me to you. I hope that I can inspire others to live positively and healthy.  We have one chance on this earth.  Let's make it a great story.


With Love,

Leah Scott


Robin Sassi
Leah Scott

My dad always says, "The one thing you can always count on is change." Divorce is a big change but, like any change, it can change you for the better!


I've lived in San Diego my whole life. I have two wonderful daughters who are amazing people who I'm privileged to be raising. I received a law degree in 2010 and passed the bar exam that same year. Although I'm still a practicing attorney, more of my time has been spent helping others get through the challenging aspects of divorce.

Stay positive and keep smiling! The best is yet to come!

Peace & Love

Robin Sassi

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