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What to do with your old Wedding Ring?

A friend of mine recently asked if Charmed Divorce makes any recommendations about what to do with the wedding ring once the marriage is over. Looks like we missed that one! So here it is:

Even though I've been divorced for many years, I still feel the weight of the ring on my left hand. Kind of like Frodo. I still have my wedding ring, too, and it's tucked away to give to one of my children. Maybe they will appreciate it, have fond memories of their childhood, and decide to pass it along to their children. Maybe they will pawn it. It makes no difference to me.

A very practical girlfriend of mine sold her wedding ring and bought a vacuum instead. All sorts of inferences can made from that: she's cleaning out the dirt in her life, her marriage sucked, and so on. It makes me wonder about how we treat our wedding rings after divorce. Is it any reflection on how we feel about the marriage? Is MY ambivalence about my wedding ring a reflection about how I feel about that marriage?

Some may wish to cast their wedding rings into the fires of Mordor, taking some sort of therapeutic relief in the sacrificial burning of the symbol of what was supposed to be an eternity with someone. Some keep their rings because they're heirlooms, cursed or not, to give to the next unfortunate generation. I'm sure there are still others that have their rings hidden away (my precious!) in some secret hide-y hole and don't tell anyone about it.

I think I should sell my ring.

Yes. Let's be practical. You know the saying that's been going around. "Eat the Cake. Buy the Shoes". Well, life is short, "Sell the Ring".

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