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The Hollywood Kiss

When was the last time that you kissed like they do in the movies?

When you think of a hollywood kiss, you may think of this dramatic kiss with a loving embrace as wind is blowing through your hair. You're looking deeply into one another's eyes with pure admiration and love. We have all seen this scene numerous times in various movie scenes. You think, "Nah, that doesn't happen in real life, that's just in the movies." Or does it?

When's the last time that you kissed passionately? When's the last time you thought about kissing someone lovingly like the movies?

So often in a relationship you get wrapped up in your life and the day to day happenings that you forget to stop and kiss one another. And when I mean kiss, I mean a real kiss.... not a quick running out the door kiss. Forgetting to do this is bad. Kissing is what brings you close to one another. It provides the connection to another person. It's part of the process of falling in love.

Remember when you were young and in love and that's all you did was make out with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You would kiss so much that your lips would be chapped. It was the epitome of falling in love or young love. Some things don't change. It still is the epitome of falling in love. Falling in love with someone and kissing them often is one of the best parts of the process.

If you have been in a relationship for many years or less than a year -- everyday you should still be falling in love with that person. It's what keeps a relationship alive. It's what keeps the passion in a relationship. Kissing the person you love is the best part of a relationship, so don't ever let that part of your relationship dissipate. I dare you to kiss the one you love passionately tonight. Create your own hollywood kiss!

Leah Scott is co-author of "Charmed Divorce A Positive Twist on the D-Word". A Mother of two boys. She lives in Carlsbad, California and currently coaches individuals to help them live a more positive and healthier lifestyle through a step-by-step customized process.

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