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5 Reasons to be thankful you’re no longer in that relationship!

A breakup or divorce sucks no matter how you try and spin it. It could be an unexpected breakup that you didn’t see coming or a looong drawn out mess that’s like a nasty flu that just lingers on. You’re torn because you ask yourself “how could I’ve been so dumb and not see this coming.”

You may still love that person that just broke your heart, but you certainly don’t have to like them! It’s okay to acknowledge your detest towards he/she and even call your best friend and vomit your emotions (that’s what friends are for, right?). You’re now no longer with that asshole and here are five reasons to be thankful!

1. Be thankful you don’t have to deal with their bullshit anymore on a daily basis.

It could have been them whining or complaining all the time. Maybe it was that they left the clothes all over the floor or something little that ate away at you daily that you just turned a blind eye cause you loved them. Regardless of what it is…be thankful you’re not dealing with that bullshit anymore.

2. Be thankful for all the extra time you have now.

When in a relationship your world typically revolves around another person. Now that you no longer have that person – you can do the things YOU want to do! So start that new class, or go back to school, listen to a podcast. Make a date with your friends to travel. Take a trip to San Diego. You get the idea!

3. Be thankful for being single, so you're available to find the right person for you.

All to often people get in relationships and stay longer than they should because they get comfortable. I’ve had friends say “but the sex was so great” or “but I loved him/her.” And yes, that may be true but you’re starting a new chapter. And if that person didn’t show up in the relationship and treat it with respect (which is likely the case if you’re reading this article) than he/she doesn’t deserve your heart!

So embrace the new and re-write what an absolutely fabulous relationship looks like to you right now. Take the good things from your past relationship and leave the bad!

It’s time to move on my friend!

4. Be thankful for your friends.

Friends cheering

Schedule time with friends and don’t talk about the ex. You can go dancing, a movie night or grab a beer at a bar. Whatever you choose to do make sure laughter is involved and get out of the house.

5. And most importantly Be Thankful for YOU.

Your health, Your family, Your Friends, or something as little as your clean sheets and bed, a free hour to go for a walk. Yes, you’re hurting but your heart will heal. In the meantime, take care of you! Do something today that makes your heart smile (if even for a small moment) and look at today as a new day of your next chapter – so go start writing a great story and being the best version of you!

An end of a relationship is a shitty time. But it’s also a new door that brings to you an opportunity. An opportunity to reflect on the relationship and what you learned from it, take the good and move forward. Don't get bogged down with the thoughts of "why would he/she do this?' You will never know what is going through their head, and it's wasted energy trying to figure that out. Just move forward and remember to do small things that will make you smile. And that small thing can even be as simple as thinking…. “Thank goodness I’m not picking up that asshole’s clothes anymore!”

Leah Scott is co-author of "Charmed Divorce A Positive Twist on the D-Word 101 things to do when getting Divorced". She's a Mother of two boys. She lives in Carlsbad, California and currently coaches individuals to help them live a more positive and healthier lifestyle through a step-by-step customized process.

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